Dogecoin Autofaucet List

Faucet List

We have collected a list of all the top Dogecoin Autofaucet for you. You can earn free cryptocurrency with these Autofaucets from our Dogecoin Autofaucet List. All of them are properly tested and paying.

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Dutchycorp 700,000 Dogetoshi every 1 minuteBy far one of the most high paying autofaucets!Link
Dogeflip50 Dogetoshi every 2 secondsIt will allow you to claim while tab is closed! For two hours!Link
Kadal5,100 Dogetoshi every 1 minuteNice payout, overall good faucetLink
7Vendoge10,000 Dogetoshi every 1 minuteGood payout. Link

What do I do if I am new?

Well, the first thing you need to do is get a wallet, I recommend, it serves as a great and easy to access web wallet. You will have a Dogecoin address there once you register, then you need to register on Faucethub. Once you register on there, link the address that you got on to Faucethub, and, your done! Now you can use that address and start claiming from the Dogecoin Autofaucets above, and then you just need to wait! And you will start getting Dogecoin automatically to your Faucethub account! Congratulations, you can now start earning free money online.

Why should I use a Dogecoin Autofaucet rather then a normal Dogecoin faucet?

Well, you should use both. Using multiple autofaucets in the background while you claim from normal faucet sites can increase your faucet income by quite a lot. As well as if you were going to sleep, you can put a bunch of autofaucet websites on, and when you wake up in the morning, your balance will have increased by quite a nice amount.

How do faucet owners profit?

Maybe you have gone to a faucet website, and wondered how they can profit? Well, there is a lot of ads, popups, etc, which the faucet owner gets paid for, and all of that combined revenue will normally most of the time add up to a profit.

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