Multi Faucet Script – Only $4!

Faucet Owner Asset

Ever wanted to make a faucet, but cant find a good enough script? Or a current faucet owner, but just cant seem to find the best faucet script that fits them the most? Well, we can help you.

For only $4, you can get a amazing faucet script!


  • Advanced bot detection with antibot links
  • Lots of space for ads
  • Set as many shortlinks as you want
  • Very easy to setup
  • Choose daily claim limit
  • Allow multiple currencys for the user to claim
  • Built in tools to block user who is using proxy or VPN
  • You can choose any currency supported by Faucethub for the user to claim
  • Admin panel to block users ip, or ban their address
  • And much, MUCH more.



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